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If you’re looking for the best minds in your industry, look no further than One Mile High Speakers Bureau (1MH), a division of Vertex Learning, LLC.

It’s Not About Us!

It's not about us. It's about you. One Mile High Speakers Bureau is destined to become one of the most respected speaker’s bureaus in the industry because we never forget one simple thing: It's all about you.

We take nothing for granted. We work hard for every event and meeting planner ―your success is our success!

Full Service ― at No Cost to You          

We provide platinum service at no charge because we are paid by the speakers. Why would speakers pay us rather than take your call directly? Speakers do it because it's good business ― we handle all the details. It is very difficult for a busy speaker to return your calls when traveling between speaking engagements. It is even harder for them to promptly mail demo tapes and press kits. They know if they are a good speaker, we will recommend them to our other valued clients.

We Specialize in Speed

One thing that we at 1MH pride ourselves on is speed and efficiency in handling all last-minute needs. Need a speaker for a last-minute event? No problem. Our online proposals, access to speaker calendars and efficient staff give us an edge to solve your needs as soon as they arise.

What Happens in an Emergency?

Because the speed and efficiency that we just mentioned, we are always ready to resolve emergencies. The thought of a speaker's plane being delayed, a traffic jam on the way to the convention center or, even worse, a speaker who cancels at the last minute, haunts meeting planners. Flights do get canceled (our speakers always have back-up flights), roads do get iced and a speaker could get sick. However, this is when we really shine. All of our resources, our knowledge and our contacts can be put together to find a replacement speaker ASAP.

Crisis Management

You can spend a great deal of time sifting through profiles, brochures, and other materials in search of the perfect speaker. Then you have to call your top candidates to see who is available. Then once you select the speaker, you have to call the ten you didn't select and let them know why and so on.

At 1MH Speaker’s Bureau, we listen to your needs and objectives. We provide a proposal with bios, photos, topics and fee information for the candidates that meet your specific needs. You only have to look through one packet to find the right speaker. Once you make your choice, we will check the speaker’s availability, take care of pre-event details ― EVERYTHING! We will send the Flight Plan, which contains all of details that you need to ensure a stress-free event.

Relax—We’ve Got This

Our representatives are the most knowledgeable in the business, and work with you to determine your goals. They then find the right individual to fulfill your objectives, while meeting your budget. 1MH Speakers makes it our business to know which keynote speakers are thought leaders on the issues most important to you. We put our word behind the experience you've promised your audience.

Our event managers understand your event and handle all the travel details and logistics to ensure the safe and timely arrival of our speaker. They are available to you for any concerns you may have. Our approach to event planning means you have one less thing to worry about—your speaker will be prepared, informed and ready for your event. We promise nothing less than seamless execution; because that is the standard we live by, leaving both you and your speaker with great peace of mind.

Our Core Beliefs & Values

Leaders and experts choose 1MH to represent them exclusively on the strength of a handshake. They trust in 1MH, which sets the speakers bureau standard for integrity, service and quality. With confidence in our values, our keynote speakers have joined a company that was built on dedication to excellence. Our word is our bond—a guarantee of exceptional performance that has resulted in unwavering loyalty from those we serve—both speakers and clients.

1MH representatives and associates, like our speakers, keep a finger on the pulse of the world. Visitors to our company headquarters will discover an open air of discussion in a bustling newsroom atmosphere. Televisions are positioned throughout our building—tuned-in to the latest news reports and world events. Issues are important to us, as knowledge and insight are our competitive advantage. We are much more than a speaker’s bureau; we are an organization of ideas and thought. 
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