Perfect For:

  • Student Assemblies
  • Athletic Programs/Banquets
  • Motivation
  • Juvenile/Offender Programs
  • Alternative Schools
  • Leadership Programs

Dudley Thurmond


Traveling from: Colorado

“Powerful, Heartfelt, Inspiring, Real,” are just a few of the adjectives used to describe presentations by “DR. BOUNCE BACK!!”  Dudley Thurmond is a highly charged speaker with a message of hope redemption, faith, perseverance, and determination. He is the Perfect Keynote, Closing or Featured-Speaker for organizations serving Athletic Programs and Banquets, Youth Organizations, School Programs ( Assemblies, Celebrations, Awards Programs), Incarcerated Juveniles and Adults, and more…His primary presentation focuses on developing a“Winners’ Quality Mindset”  Where in he challenges his audiences to adopt a proactive outlook by building the skills necessary for success. His personal story serves as an instructive, cautionary tale of how to survive self-defeat, incarceration, and near death experiences that resonates with audiences ranging from youth, to adult, to organizational leadership. He delivers a passionate plea to listeners to recognize their strengths, make positive choices, and realize that we can all “BOUNCE BACK” from our personal challenges. Based in Denver, CO Dudley is quickly becoming a nationally recognized motivator.