Dr. Paul Hamilton

​Traveling From: Denver, CO

Dr. Paul Hamilton is a dynamic presenter. Over the past 50 years he has worked at all levels of the educational system as a teacher, instructional coach, principal, teacher organizer, curriculum developers. Elementary, Middle School, High school, university, community college.

Dr. Paul L. Hamilton, a Colorado native, is an educator of 30 years with experiences from preschool to college and is author of African Peoples’ Contributions to World Civilizations: Shattering the Myths Vol. 1. He is president of Hamilton Education Consultants, LCC and Thinking Skills Institute, LCC. They provide consulting services, personal coaching, seminars and lectures on African-American History, and workshops for educators to raise the ability of students to do academic work and improve test scores. Dr. Hamilton is a former Colorado State Representative.

Paul Hamilton is a well-known Denver educator of 45 years and community activist, who has been a principal, college teacher, Colorado State Representative 1969-1973 (5 Points area), community organizer and elder, author, restaurant owner, and African art and book collector. He wants to share his collections and knowledge with the wider Denver community and stimulate the arts.


Education: All levels (principal, teacher, curriculum & instruction specialist, trainer): ECE, elementary, special education, jr. high, middle school, high school, community college, university, alternative, charter, public, private, teacher union organizer, author
Business: Manager, consultant, facilitator, presenter, coach, entrepreneur, salesman
Community and political activist: Colorado State Representative, community elder, community organizer, civil rights activist, numerous organizations

Dr. Paul Hamilton is a dynamic presenter and well-known Denver educator. His experiences ranges from preschool to high school to college, He was a principal and Colorado State Representative. He is an author and African art collector.

You need to hire Dr. Hamilton because he is a proven motivator of parents, students, and educators. His workshops move people into specific practical actions that produce great results.

Perfect For:

  • Diversity Training
  • Parent Programs
  • Teacher In-service Programs
  • School Leadership Programs
  • Title 1 Programs
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Thinking Skills Development