Chief Charles U Phillips, Ph.D.

Traveling From: Miami, FL

Chief Charles U. Phillips holds a BS degree in Fire Science Administration, a MS degree in Business & Public Management, and a Ph.D. degree in Global Leadership. He served over 29 years in the fire service. He began his career as a firefighter with the Miami-Dade County Fire/Rescue Department in 1974, rising through the ranks. In 2001, Chief Phillips was appointed Director/Fire Chief of the department becoming the first African American Fire Chief of the department.

He resides in Miami with his daughter and after completing his first book, he spends his retirement years travelling the world. In his first book “Fighting More Than Fires” an autobiography detailing his rise through the ranks; it is a story of how he began his career in 1974 as a young recruit and struggled to achieve the unbelievable; becoming the highest ranking Fire Official in Miami-Dade County, only to be fired in a hailstorm of allegations. Readers get an insight into his personal anguish and his struggle to “tell the truth” about why he was accused of the “unthinkable.”

“Fighting More than Fires” is a compelling account of Chief Phillips’ fight to make it to the top and then having it all taken away two years after being sworn in. It is his story of betrayal, deception and perseverance.Type your paragraph here.