Beatrice Bruno

"The Drill Sargeant of Life"

Traveling From: Denver, CO 

Our company is based on the belief that our client’s needs are of the utmost importance. At some point in all of our lives, we lose our way. At that time, we need to “Get Over Ourselves and Get Out of Our Own Way” so we can Get What We Want Out of Life.

Drill Sergeant of Life, Beatrice Bruno, is an Army Veteran but always and forever a Drill Sergeant. Having trained more than 2,000 Basic Combat Trainees while serving Active Duty in the US Army, Beatrice learned that the main reason a Basic Trainee could not endure eight weeks of training was because that soldier “needed to get over him or herself!” She found that if a good, swift (sometimes) mental kick to the seat of the pants was applied, the soldier stood a 99.9% chance of completing Basic Training and moving on toward being a Soldier. As for the other .1%, well, some things are better left unsaid!

Now, the Drill Sergeant of Life has been assigned to a Boot-Camp near you! We are committed to meeting your needs. If you have forgotten how to be a Soldier in the Army of Life, we are here to remind you. We will help you Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get What YOU Want Out of Life! We will whip you back into shape so you will excel in the Army of Life!

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and help you be all that YOU can be in the Army of Life.


Perfect For:

  • Parent Programs
  • Motivation
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity Training
  • School Programs
  • Domestic Abuse Programs
  • Juveniles/Offender Programs
  • Women's Empowerment